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14-1-2016 Virio releases new mobile interface
25-8-2016 Virio releases Risk Management

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Virio releases Risk Management

Virio released an update to Risk Management. This update includes:

  • Complete redesign of Risk Management module, based on the bow-tie risk management methodolgy
  • New Asset Management module to support asset based risk management
  • Correlation of mitigating controls to possible threats

By utilizing this module, an organisation will have real-time insight in risk exposure and mitigating controls and measures towards these risks.

Virio releases new mobile interface

Virio released an update for Virio CMS Lite the mobile version of Virio's CMS. This update includes:

  • Bug fixes
  • Performance enhancements

Virio releases Autotask adapter

Virio released it's integration with Autotask. This integration provides support for:

  • Creation of Tasks in Autotask
  • Creation of ServiceCalls in Autotask
  • Status checking of open ServiceCalls

By utilizing this adapter, an organisation can use their existing Autotask environment as their operation execution tool. Whereas Virio CMS automaticly creates and monitors governance tasks.

Virio releases CMS Lite

Virio released it's mobile version of CMS. This release provides support for:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android tablets

Utilizing HTML 5 and CSS3

Virio releases CMS Risk Management

Virio released it's latest version of the CMS Risk Management. This release provides:

  • Risk profiling
  • Real-time Risk Monitoring
  • Risk mitigation through Governance Frameworks

Virio releases CMS Business Impact Analysis

Virio released it's latest version of the CMS Business Impact Analysis. This release provides:

  • Business Impact profiling
  • Real-time Business Impact Monitoring
  • Business Impact control through Risk Management

Virio releases CMS version 3.5

Virio released it's latest version of the Control Management System. This release provides:

  • Customer transparancy through portal access
  • Role based authorisation
  • Object Oriented framework

Virio releases CMS Document Managment

Virio released a new version of it's Document Management module. This new module provides:

  • Role based document management
  • Document classification


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