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About Virio

14-1-2016 Virio releases new mobile interface
25-8-2016 Virio releases Risk Management


Virio is a software and services company focussed on reducing complexity in Management Systems to meet the objective:

"Be in Control"

In essence Management Systems should be used to control your organisation and to continuously improve your organisation. This should be done by implementing the right controls, at the right level, by the right people. The key word here is right. By utilising a role based implementation of the management system, a comprehensive working solution is created and complexity is reduced. To us, it makes complete sense to implement a screening measure, to mitigate employee risks, at the Human Resource department, whereas the objectives should be defined at the management level. In addition to these measures, the Management System itself should also be implemented at the right level and by the right people. A role based solution enables you to do so.

The second part of our mission is to align your current working processes and tools with Governance, Risk and Compliance. Many measures are already implemented in your organisation in existing processes and procedures and only need to be integrated into the Governance, Risk and Compliance space. Virio has developed a Service Bus to integrate your existing measures into Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Overall its our mission to truly implement Management Systems into your organisation, not as a procedural burden but as a real value to your business.

We help you to achieve this level of control by providing consultancy services and by providing a Control Management System service, which enables you to do just this.

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